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Glossary of terms

AC: Alternating current.  An electrical current that reverses its direction at regularly occurring intervals

Climate change:  A term used to refer to all forms of climate inconsistency but especially change from one prevailing climatic condition to another. The term is usually used synonymously with the term global warming.

Converter Station: Terminal equipment for a high voltage direct current transmission line in which direct current (DC) is converted to alternating current (AC) and vice versa

DC: Direct current.  This is the unidirectional flow of electric charge

Green energy: Any energy source that can replenish itself by nature, e.g. solar and wind

HVDC: High voltage direct current.  This is used to transmit high electrical power over long distances where traditional alternating currents (AC) cannot be used

kV: Kilovolt.  A unit electrical potential equal to 1,000 volts

Landfall: This is a cable landing point where the under sea cable joins the land

Low carbon economy: An economy that has a minimal output of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment, especially CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

MW: Megawatt.  A unit of power equal to one million watts

Renewable energy: Energy sources that are naturally replenishing

Transmission: The movement or transfer of electric energy over an interconnected group of lines and associated equipment between points of supply and points at which it is transformed for delivery to consumers or is delivered to other electric systems. Transmission is considered to end when energy is transformed for distribution to the consumer