The community

An underground high voltage cable of approximately 33km is required through the Wirral peninsula.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience while we’ve been installing the underground cables across the Wirral peninsula. The majority of our work is complete, and we expect to finish later this year.

We may need to close a few roads in 2017 while we remove the temporary accesses that we installed from the roads into the fields to allow us to lay the cables, although where possible we will do this by installing temporary traffic lights. For information on any current road closures or traffic lights see here.

We will continue to keep local residents informed, but if you’re driving around the area watch out for our signs and please drive carefully.

When the weather improves we will continue our work to return the land to its previous condition, as a minimum. During reinstatement we will remove all surplus materials from site, remove the temporary haul road, install post construction drainage, and reinstate topsoil and any fencing, walls or hedges as appropriate.

Reinstatement is a critical activity that must be completed in the right conditions. The process is very dependent on the weather and overall can take a few months from when we start in an area. Although we won’t necessarily be working on site all the time, when we are, there will be an increase in activity to and from our work area.

During the process of installing the underground cables across the Wirral peninsula, we have held public information events to let local people know the details of what is planned in their area.

We held two public events in April 2013, a further two events in April 2014, and three events in April 2015. The information displayed at the events can be found on our Documents page. On this page you will also find the newsletters that we’ve issued and distributed to local people.